Web Design

We understand that a company's best representation is a professional web identity, and we are dedicated to make sure that their best is shown. First, we use a company's brand/logo as our guide to develop the colors, fonts, lines, and layouts. Second, we incorporate components that accomplish the desired tone and feel. Every design we create is a perfect blend of user-friendly functionality and visually attractive designs. The end result is a 100%, custom web design that clearly communicates to viewers: "who we are, what we do, and why they should choose us."

Logo Design

Logos should be designed the same way that a skilled artist searches for the sculpture in a stone. An artist chips away until the identity takes form. A professional image evokes a response from the viewer even without explanation. In the same way, we form designs to reflect the vision, purpose, and goals of the company. We bring a balance from font type studies, color studies, mark creation, overall look, and feel. Our designs give a full scope image that accurately communicates as it is used in a company's collateral and marketing materials.

Video Work

A vision for the finished product is a must with video production. From wedding footage to corporate retreats to marketing presentation videos, we really put our belief in simple and professional designs to work when we complete a video production project. We visually utilize conceptual layouts from storyboard to post-production editing and accomplish the desired outcome of the final video production. With the help of the most advanced programs, we enhance, arrange, and add the desired wow-factor to videos for our clients.

About Us

SWAG Designs was co-founded by brothers Marque Hernandez and Micah Hernandez. Our core belief is that Simple Web And Graphic (SWAG) designs always out-perform overdone, visually overloaded products because simplicity done right is extraordinary.
First, we gather an in-depth understanding of the project expectations utilizing our Creative Brief and initial project interviews. Second, we ensure the goals are accomplished by utilizing advanced project management tools such as the internet program Basecamp. Last, our designers/programmers will work extreme detail to reach the desired outcome.

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